Corinne Cartigny-Finck, EMBA
Head of Project Management and Supply Chain
"There is no better feeling than supporting a team full of energy, full of innovative ideas, full of dreams, …that at the same time rests their feet firmly on the ground - This is what Hutman Diagnostics is." » more

Claudio Castelberg, MSc
Research Technician
"Hutman Diagnostics gives me the opportunity to learn a lot about business orientated working mentality. At the same time, I can help the team with my biomedical background to develop the best possible product." » more

Clément Chevalier, PhD
Research and Development Scientist
"Working at Hutman offers me the perfect combination of what I like: an outstanding scientific environment as part of a multicultural company, with my work focused on business development, data analysis and communication with key stakeholders" » more

Dirk Hüber, PhD
Head of Quality and Regulatory Affairs
"Being allowed to help shape an idea into a product that will help patients to better treatment and thus to better live, is not only a fascinating challenge, but a privilege." » more

Simon Frei, Bsc
Research Technician
"Hutman Diagnostics offers me a great platform to start working life by supporting and motivating me to reach my goals". » more

Peter Frick
Financial Development & IT Manager
"It is exciting and also a great challenge to support the Hutman team with my experiences and to develop the necessary tools in the areas Finance and IT!" » more

Paul R. Hofer, lic rer. pol.
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer, Board Member
"Every day I am fascinated to be part of Hutman Diagnostics, where we work with great effort to improve diagnostic methods, aiming to save lives”." » more

Michael Johnston, PhD
Head of R&D
"In response to increased Antimicrobial resistance, an ever-growing threat to global health, we at Hutman are dedicated to enhanced patient care, pioneering the way in rapid and reliable molecular diagnostic tools". » more

Kamélia Kettani, MSc
Management & Communication Coordinator
"At Hutman Diagnostics everyday has its own set of challenges!... A customer oriented marketing and communication strategy enables the company to inform about the product’s added value in a competitive landscape." » more

Nicola Maiorano, PhD
Product Development Specialist
"Supporting the Hutman’s mission is perfectly in line with my expertise and values, this gives me great motivation and enthusiasm. Being part of an eclectic and balanced team allows me to face the challenges with great energy and to enjoy common goals achievements." » more

Linda Mayer, PhD
Assay Development Lead
"Hutman offers me the opportunity to work in a highly motivated and educated team focusing on saving the patients' life. As Assay Developer I can apply my experiences in molecular diagnostics to the development of our IVD products." » more

Michal Rajski, PhD
Quality Engineer
"Hutman gives me the opportunity to combine my scientific background in biomedical research with my interest in developing products that improve patients’ life." » more

Ingrid Whittle, PhD
Research and Development Scientist
"Working at Hutman gives me the perfect opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills in molecular biology and microarray development, while working in a dynamic team environment focusing on designing and producing tools that can help save lives and reduce the ever increasing problems of antibiotic resistances." » more